VIU Fall 2018

  1. Hi everyone!

    I just recieved my acceptance letter for VIU in the mail yesterday. Anyone else looking to attend VIU or also already recieved their acceptance letter?!

    Moreover, is anyone already attending VIU now or familiar with the area and/or the program I'm from the mainland and am curious!
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  3. by   rfb8
    congrats!! thats so exciting!

    I applied as well, but have yet to receive a letter.

    Do you mind if I ask what your pre-reqs were for you to get accepted?

    Hope to see you this fall (:
  4. by   PL93
    I had an A in the four high school pre-reqs, my lowest grade being 92%!

    Best of luck!
  5. by   rfb8
    Just checked my mail and found out I was waitlisted! I wasn't aware that they had a waitlist, so I guess the wait continues for me!

    Good luck to everyone who applied
  6. by   Erin.mae
    Im from the area, and just finished my pre reqs at VIU. Also got my acceptance letter yesterday! Looks like we will be in classes together
  7. by   PL93
    That's great! What's campus like and Nanaimo in general?

    Fingers crossed! @rfb8
  8. by   Erin.mae
    Nanaimo is small compared to Vancouvet, personally I don't think there's a whole lot to do here indoors in the winter (but will we even have time with all the studying?) Theres one decent mall that people like to walk around in. Lots of nice walks (Westwood lake, colliery dam, Maffeo Sutton Park). Some good restaurants. Campus is on a hill, lots of stairs, will get your exercise in. There's a Starbucks on site. The building for Health and science is brand new; still being built. We will be the first to use it!
  9. by   rfb8
    Just a little update, I got a call this morning and I got accepted off the waitlist today! I'm so excited, and I can't wait to meet everyone this fall (:
  10. by   PL93
    @Erin.mae thanks for the info!

    @rfb8 congratulations! See you in the fall!!
  11. by   PL93
    I actually just heard back from UFV - which was my first choice - so I will be giving up my seat at VIU! Congratulations to everyone and best of luck.
  12. by   ryder68
    I just graduated a few weeks ago from VIU glad that's over. Nanaimo has hidden gems all over it! As far as the VIU campus... well, there is now a starbucks by the library! The stairs suck, and I'm sorry they don't get better.

    Tips for VIU: the lower cafeteria has the good sandwiches and baking, ask ******* in the SIM lab lots of questions and if ***** ****** is still there you can book one on ones with her to practice skills before exams. Do it. She's awesome.
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