VCC LPN Jan 2018 intake

  1. It was really hard to find information about Vancouver Community College LPN program and students online. I am just curious about others' experiences and find out if people like the program.

    I applied for the LPN program in April of 2016 and completed Nursing 1602 in December of 2016. (Started in Sept 2016) I received an email with an Offer of Conditional Acceptance on Sept 16th of 2017, which had a few requirements (First Aid class C, TB test, and a background check) to complete before Oct. 31st 2017.

    How long did everyone else wait before getting in? Is anyone else in the Jan 2018 intake?
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  3. by   hsanghee86
    Hello I'm planning to apply for this lpn program too next year. May I ask how you completed nurs1602 prerequisite? I'm taking that online at sait but i find it so hard at which institution did you take? And have you got any news from vcc yet?
  4. by   Sugaress
    I took 1602 at the VCC broadway campus.
    I already have my seat and set up tuition fees.
  5. by   b_aish
    So you applied in April 2016 and got accepted to start Jan 2018?