UFV January 2013 BSN Hopefuls - page 6

Well yesterday was the application deadline for the University of the Fraser Valley's January 2013 BSN intake. I'm just curious if there are any other anxiety-ridden current applicants out there like... Read More

  1. by   Bigdreamss
    I thought it was good. It is intimidating that there are so many great candidates for the program and unfortunate there are not more spots. I'm still worried that I did not receive an interview letter but am hopeful that one may still come. How did you think you did on the "essay" questions?
  2. by   Paraston
    It went good! The "essay" part was fairly easy. It looked like most people finished within a half hour, so the 45 minutes was enough time. VERY intimidating though. There are three information sessions (yesterday, tonight, and tomorrow) and apparently there are 182 complete applicants for 32 spots. My heart sank a bit when I heard that. All questions were answered, so make sure to ask anything you're unclear about. Interview letters should all be sent by the end of this week, but sounds like anyone with 4 B's or less will not be getting an interview (I'm hoping my one A will help!). And she also said they will be interviewing only about 60ish people. So there's always a chance, but its sounding like more of a lottery at this point . Anyway, we'll see what happens, and if not January, there's always September to try for!
  3. by   phoenixforealz
    I was the one who showed up LATE... so my essay questions were messy. It seems like the new Campus is in the backwoods. Geez. Also, I forgot to ask if A&P are offered on summer break. Anyone know?
  4. by   Paraston
    Haha I saw you then! Well depending which one you were. You weren't the only late one, don't worry! I was sitting in the front row, so I saw a few late comers. Did you have time to finish all your questions? As far as A&P in summer, I've checked the course calendar, and they haven't normally offered it then. But I'd call to be sure!
  5. by   phoenixforealz
    Yes... I was the latest of the late. I finished all the questions but my writing was not as eloquent as I would have like.
  6. by   Bigdreamss
    We're you the one in the front row asking all the questions? I was in the front row eating a sandwich... My writing was not meet either. I'm sure it's the content they are looking for.
  7. by   phoenixforealz
    I was in the back row.. asking many questions. I wish I had a sandwich...
  8. by   Paraston
    Haha no I was to the right of the girl asking all the questions (the other aisle seat). I remember you walking in with the sandwich. Reminded me that I was too nervous to eat all day....and the hunger started to set in!
  9. by   riri.g
    Haha this conversation is pretty funny.. Just a quick question, was there a dress code? And should I bring anything to the info session? I'm attending today's info session... I'm sick and I don't know what to expect >.<
  10. by   Paraston
    Nope no dress code! I wore jeans and a blazer just to meet somewhere in the middle, but some people wore yoga pants and flip flops. Really doesn't matter because you'll be sitting down the whole time. Just be comfortable! And don't stress at all, but the time I finished (and was BEYOND starving from not being able to eat all day) I realized how it was really nothing to stress about.......and then I went to McDonalds and got myself a supersized filet o fish meal. I deserved it! Hahah. Good luck tonight! You'll have no problem!
  11. by   riri.g
    AHH Thanks Paraston!! Hopefully the essay questions aren't too bad. Maybe they'll be the same as last year! I really shouldn't stress about it. Finding the campus is the first challenge haha!
  12. by   phoenixforealz
    The campus was out in the boonies of farm land.
  13. by   Bigdreamss
    After attending I realized I stressed for no reason too. It is pretty casual.