1. I'm pretty sure there's already a topic for this somewhere on this site so i apologize in advance. So basically I graduated from Centennial College in Dec 2014 with a 2.912 average (69%?) with no fails or repeats in any courses. Centennial college rpn program also will not allow you to repeat any courses-so upgrading is not an option. I have been working on general internal medicine unit for 3 years. I'm currently enrolled in Athabasca because thats the only school that accepted me. However, i'm finding it difficult because I learn better in person vs online, and the requirement to pass is a 76% average-which is quite high. (i applied to nippising previously and did not get accepted because they required a 3.0 average)

    I was wondering if anyone is in the same situation as me and found another option in getting into a school in toronto for a bachlors in Nursing? I was told even if they did allow me into a bridging program-lets say centennial, I still wouldnt be able to get into Ryersons nursing program because theyre "very strict" and require the 3.0 average which i don't have. Most bridging programs require minumum 3.0 average (70%) or higher. And it is unfortunate that schools don't look at work experience at all.
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  3. by   RPN_student
    Have you considered doing an RPN specialty certificate then applying to RN at Nississing or UOIT or you could even ask Centennial if they would take into account a RPN specialty GPA in addition. Look into Centennial's Hybrid program.
    Another option since you are already in Athabasca I am assuming you have completed year one just work at finishing up. If you think you can do Athabasca then stick it out.
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