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  1. Hey there, I'm currently a grade 12 student who recently applied to Humber college for the Practical Nursing program in September of 2018. A couple days after I got an email saying that I need to be tested on the following subjects. Math, Bio, Chem, and English. Do I get to choose a date on when I get tested on the following subjects because I don't start my prerequisite courses until next semester in February and I'm very anxious right now because I have no knowledge of chemistry and there's no way I'm passing this test if I end up having to do it in two weeks.
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  3. by   dishes
    Ask the admissions staff at Humber if you get to choose when you do the test. To prepare for the exam buy or borrow the prep guide and start reviewing. In regards to learning chemistry, check if your school and/or public libraries have the grade 11 and 12 chemistry textbooks, if so borrow them. Ask your high school's chemistry teacher for suggestions on how to prepare for the chemistry part for the exam.
  4. by   Bellacoe
    Hi am also a grade 12 student and I'm starting my prerequisite courses in February 2018 and I still haven't applied to the practical nursing program at Humber but I would like to apply so I just wanted to know if there's an entrance test and how is the test in terms of difficulty ?
  5. by   itsnelarmstrong
    Hi!! I got an offer from Humber for RPN FALL 2018. The test was English Math Chem Bio.