RPN Conestoga 2018

  1. Hi everyone!
    Im a hoping to get in to the Conestoga rpn program. I already wrote the Hoae, and now I'm just anxiously waiting. Anyone in the same boat or that has gotten an offer yet?
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  3. by   nbilodeau
    I took the HOAE today. I was wondering how long it would take before offers went out as well. As I understand it they go out in batches until March. I'm hoping I did alright on the HOAE. I had a total Admission percent of 82% but don't know if that will be enough. I wish there was somewhere to check the HOAE average results.
  4. by   rosielolo
    Have you gotten you hoae score yet?
    I got 78. The last day to write the hoae is the 28th I'm hoping they will send out offers after that.
    I think the percentiles will be on ontariocolleges.ca once The Hoae testing is finished.
  5. by   nbilodeau
    I was 82% but they use 50% grades in required subjects from your transcript and 45% of HOAE in the calculation for offer of admission. Still stressing that it might not be enough though. (I'm 81% overall between both scores). Really wish there was somewhere to compare. I wonder if any other Nursing Students would be willing to share results.
  6. by   rosielolo
    That's awesome score! Congratulations!!
    I know what you mean, I wish there was more info available. Everything I read just Confused me more
  7. by   Conestogastudent
    I am waiting to hear as well! I took pre-health, and I wrote my HOAE in January. I heard they were going to start giving our admissions letters March 2, but everyone I know who has applied hasn't heard anything.
  8. by   SelinaI
    I wrote my HOAE test on Feb 26, I received my offer to Conestoga yesterday I applied to Mohawk and George Brown also but haven't heard back yet from them
  9. by   rosielolo
    I got my acceptance yesterday too!