Nursing programs in Canada with highest acceptance rate?

  1. Hi, im trying to find a nursing program in canada with high acceptance rates. I am from Canada and sadly cannot apply to any USA schools because I have not taken my SATs, and my grades are good (I have an 82 average) but nursing is competitive and many people have an average of 90 and over. I am looking for a school with a high acceptance rate.
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  3. by   Edina
    RPN/LPN? What province?
  4. by   Piaffe
    It depends whether you want to do RPN/LPN or RN. You probably would have the best chance at a private college for RPN/LPN because from what I have seen they have lower entrance grade requirements. You could always redo your high school prereqs until you do have a competitive average. I upgraded my high school english and math for this reason, but also got into schools with my first application.