LPN access to BSN at UFV

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    I'm looking into applying to the LPN access program at UFV in Chilliwack,BC. I am a wondering if I can get any tips/advice on getting accepted into this program? Has anyone done the LPN access program at UFV? How long did it take for you to get accepted? Did you take the two part anatomy and physiology or did you choose to challenge the exam? Also, how did you like the program?

    Any advice would be great
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  3. by   companisbiki
    I heard it is hard to get in. According to an old coworker who went through the program, You have an interview, do a type of exam, and they only accept a handful of students every year. I suggest talking to nursing adviser at UFV who would be able to answer your questions better. Basically after 1 yr of bridgig you are placed in the middle of the (3-4 yr) bsn program. Ufv usually has clinicals everywhere but a lot of them end up doing clinicals in Abbotsford and Chilliwack, where a lot of them end up getting hired as a new grad. UFV is a great school. Most of my coworkers are from UFV and they liked the program.