Humber College Practical Nursing 2017

  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm entering the Practical Nusing at Humber College in September and was wondering if anyone could tell me about the additional costs other than tuition?(Textbooks, lab/materials, etc..) Just wondering what the labs/materials fee includes and how much textbooks are for this program on average and if they are all needed!

    As well, I read that their is a requirement of around 120 volunteer hours to be completed in a community setting by the end of the first year, does anyone know if this would include hospitals or something related or if it needs to be general community like volunteering at a food bank etc..

    Also looking to meet people going into this program in the fall, feel free to message me if so!
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  3. by   Chaiyah
    Congrats! Was the RPN admission test difficult?
  4. by   Momstudy
    I am also starting from September.
    I also have the same question, infact I received an email regarding uniform and ebooks fees. but somehow I am not able to retrieve the email.
    Are you coming for the orientation?
  5. by   megangeorgina
    Hi Yes I am coming for orientation! I didn't receive an email, was it sent to your personal email or was it your Humber email? I can't seem to login to my Humber email or maybe it hasn't been set up yet. Do you remember what the email said?
  6. by   megangeorgina
    Thank you! It was difficult in terms of only being allowed so much time for each section of the test but the material itself was pretty basic and if you took high school chem/bio and remember it or review the basics you should be fine! And as for the math, the sample tests are helpful as well as reviewing long division/multiplication and just practicing math without a calculator. Hope that helps!
  7. by   Momstudy
    It was in RPN program welcome letter.
  8. by   buddy1718
    Hello, I'm in the RPN program at Humber about to start 2nd year/3rd semester.

    To answer your question about fees, I'm not 100% sure how much extra you pay but there is a bulk price for all your equipment (including uniform, steth, bp cuff, penlight, etc...) and your textbooks. The textbooks are all online through a provider called Evolve Elsevier. You are required to buy this even if you don't like using e-textbooks, since the professors use it to post their slides, online quizzes, etc. Other than that, you will have to pay for CPR + HCP testing, ASIST workshop, and a police record check in order to be allowed to go to your placement. Depending on where you get those requirements done it could cost over $200-$300, but you don't need to worry about that till 2nd semester when your first placement starts.

    As far as your volunteer hours, they need to be completed by May of the first year because you will use your community service experience to write an essay for a community course delivered in the May-intersession. You are NOT allowed to do any placement where you are providing nursing care or do it in a hospital. Placements would be Habitat for Humanity, food banks, meals on wheels, etc... Your placement location needs to be approved before you start but there are some (like habitat for humanity restore) that they will definitely accept so you can start now if you have the time. Definitely don't procrastinate the hours if you can help it! Better to get them done sooner rather than later.

    Happy to answer any other questions ya'll have. Good luck!
  9. by   katelynthapa
    Hi anyone applied for Humber fall 2018 RPN. Any news about admission test.
  10. by   akua_nessa
    Was there a book that anyone used to study from? and what was the format of the test?
  11. by   akua_nessa
    Hello when you did the test did you buy a book to study from?
  12. by   lzal
    I did! I just booked my test to be done online.
  13. by   suits2scrubz
    I have!!! I did my test last week and already got an offer letter. That was super fast!

    The admissions test was easy. I was educated in another country and the science stuff was mostly Grade 6 science, math was easy. but the test was long and made me drowsy.
  14. by   mrsfillier
    How long after you applied were you invited to do the testing? I applied this morning and I am anxious to get it done.