BCIT, Langara and Kwantlen?

  1. I'm currently in grade 12. I'm considering becoming a nurse. I meet all of the high school prerequisites, so for now I am focusing on the other requirements.

    I've been doing quite a bit of reading on the application process. Work experience at a health care setting and post secondary credits are preferred. I am able to volunteer at several retirement homes nearby, and have already sent in applications.

    Knowing this, it seems nearly impossible to get accepted into any nursing program at my age. I've heard that this is because of the limited amount of qualified instructors willing to teach?

    The programs I'm interested in are at BCIT, Langara and Kwantlen.

    My problem is, which college/university courses would be best to take?

    BCIT wants 30 credits minimum, 6 of which preferably in psychology, and a composition course. Langara wants English 1127 or 1128, Biology 1190, Statistics 1124 and two university transferable courses. Kwantlen doesn't really have anything to say on the subject.

    I'm also wondering if I should choose a different career path since this whole process is very complicated and if I fail to get into a program, or even worse: burning out in the nursing program, it'd be a waste of money.
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  3. by   jasn
    All three have excellent nursing programs. BCIT looks for a minimum of 60 postsecondary credits (due to high number of applications creating competition). I think Langara and Kwantlen accept students directly from high school? But it is best to confirm that. Again, due to competition, that doesn't necessarily mean you will get accepted straight from high school.

    It is never a waste to apply, but have a back-up plan. Take first year university courses that will help you, and might lighten your load later. English, Biology, Psychology, etc. Volunteer some more. Basically, keep beefing up your application as you wait - you will get accepted eventually!

    Your last paragraph was a bit concerning to me. Most university programs these days are competitive, and the application process is not necessarily simple - so not applying to nursing for that reason is a bit strange. If you aren't certain nursing is the career for you, I would encourage you to do some research on the realities of nursing, and do some volunteer work, including shadow shifts, so you can see if nursing is right for you.
  4. by   tigersharkie
    Over the last few days, I've been considering my options and I'm positive that nursing is what I want to get into. I wasn't exactly thinking straight when I made that post and I've been a bit stressed with school lately. I've done volunteering in the past, and it made me feel really good and it was almost like the type of work was made for me!

    I will make applications for the three post secondaries soon, and I will continue to work toward my goal by improving my resume and further educating myself if necessary.

    In the meantime, I will look into which courses I can take in the case that I am not accepted. I am a good learner, but sometimes it's hard for me to take initiative if I feel there's a chance I won't succeed.

    Thanks so much for your insight! Your advice was really helpful and after all of the reading I've been doing, it gives me courage. The reason I haven't applied yet is I'd be ashamed in the case that I weren't accepted.

    I will definitely fail if I do not try at all, so I must try.