Applying to RPN program Fall 2018

  1. Hello,

    I am a current Gr 12 high school student applying to RPN program for Fall 2018. I am applying to Mohawk, Seneca, Humber, George Brown and Centennial.

    Anyone on the same page as me who is applying for next fall??

    I am also aware of preadmissions tests/interviews most of these colleges require which I am dreading about tbh. haha

    Also, this question is for anyone who has taken or currently preparing for the HOAE test or the Humber preadmission test: How did you prepare for it?

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  3. by   GingerCrayons
    Have you considered Conestoga? All of your other choices are great but Centennial isn't the best.

    As for the preadmission tests there really isn't much you can do to prepare. I have taken both the HOAE as well as the Humber preadmission test and I did not find them difficult at all. It's pretty basic in terms of content. The questions are things that, if you paid attention in high school, you should know.

    I'm sure you will do well. Good luck
  4. by   itsnelarmstrong
    Hi! I applied to RPN for fall 2018 at GBC as well and Im currently taking pre-health on the same school. Im doing my online interview this week because it's due on friday. I also applied at Humber but havent registered yet for the admission test. George brown is my first choice and I really wanted to get in there.