Accelerated Nursing Programs in Ontario

  1. Hello,

    I currently have a degree in Kinesiology and have applied to Western and McMaster for the accelerated RN programs. I'm aware it's a heavy course load, I'm just curious how difficult people found the program, or any experiences or opinions about it.

    It would be great if I could get in touch with someone currently in a compressed program or has graduated from one.

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  3. by   Neature Walk
    Hi there,

    I am currently in the Compressed Program at Western. I do not find the course load to be that hectic so far (this winter term has been quite light actually). I have found that Western does a good job in focusing only on the classes that will truly help you as a future RN. The summer term will pick up a bit again in regards to course load, and I believe the Fall term is also pretty heavy (I want to say 6 classes, including placement?). Overall though, it's very manageable. If you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to ask.
  4. by   amandawu
    Thank you for the reply!

    I was able to survive an undergrad, but "compressed program" sounds so much harder lol. Do you have to maintain a certain grade/average to stay in the program? Also, if you don't mind me asking, what was your GPA like applying? I want to get a sense of how competitive admission is.
  5. by   Neature Walk
    It depends on the course/lab. I believe for Nursing-specific courses we need over a 70%, and most labs set the pass/fail mark at 80%. I wouldn't worry too much about that though, it's not as hard as it sounds. The support is also really nice in Nursing. It seems as though we've created a little community, where if you need help, somebody will be able to give you a hand.

    If I remember correctly, my admission average was in the high 80's.
  6. by   Nursehopefulm

    I was wondering if at western they do an OB or pediatric placement?
  7. by   Neature Walk
    Quote from Nursehopefulm

    I was wondering if at western they do an OB or pediatric placement?
    For your placements, you can be placed anywhere in the Southwest LHIN. This includes the two hospitals in London, University Hospital and Victoria Hospital. I would assume that these would be options for you, however, the way it works for your 1st/2nd placements is that it's sort of assigned at random. We had to register for a specific group section online, and then that group section was assigned to a unit. I'm lucky, and I start in June on cardiology/cardiac surgery . I have some friends who will be in oncology, palliative care etc, but I can keep my ears open to see if anybody specifically got a pediatric placement.

    Also, I believe Western is able to send 1-2 students to Sick Kids in Toronto, but I believe it is very competitive and you must complete essays etc. As for your IP in your final semester, we are able to give them a list of PREFERRED units, and they do their best to assign us somewhere we would like to be.