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Can a RN work in a birth center?


Hi! I am still waiting to start NS, but my goal is to start in PP and move on to L&D. I have a passion and interest for helping moms thru unmedicated deliveries, so my dream is to work in a birth center or with midwives. B/c of the ages of my kids I am still a couple of years way from starting NS and I don't know if down the road I will be able to do CNM school or not. So, is it possible to meet my goal of working in a birth center as an RN?

Studentmom2007- Absolutely, I am a RN and I work in a birth center. I would suggest learning to doula or become a childbirth educator while your waiting to go to NS, so they know that you really support and understand natural childbirth. If you have a birth center around network with those midwives. Good luck!

Thanks, heritagern! That's good to know!! I had both my kids unmedicated and went through Bradley Classes. I have been wanting to get certified to teach but with my pre-reqs going right now, I don't have the time. I think when I get to my wait-list stage or when I'm done with all my pre-nursing courses, I'll look into getting certified.

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