Can International F-1 students work as an LPN in the US?

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  • by Ivy Ho
    Specializes in Nursing student currently attending RN program.


I have a question regarding the OPT program for working as an LPN as an international student in the US. So I’m currently in 2nd semester of the Nursing program, which I’m eligible to take the NCLEX-PN to be a LPN. I’m trying to do that to get a nursing experience, but I’m not sure how that works for an F-1 student, since I know I might have to apply for the OPT program prior to that.

 So my question is can I apply for theOPT right now and work as an LPN? Iwill still be finishing up my RN and BSNprograms, and I know for those you can apply for OPT for sure, I’m just not sureabout the LPN. And if I can work as an LPN, would I still be eligible to work as an RN with my OPT after graduation?

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