Can I withdraw acceptance of an offer??

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I took a job offer for a hospital in D.C. at the end of August and have proceeded to complete the pre-employment requirements up to this point (health physical, tax paperwork, etc) but I just received an offer from a hospital in Baltimore that I would much rather take (especially because I live way closer to Baltimore!).

I have two important questions: Even though I have started, and almost completed, all the pre-employment reqs is it still OK to withdraw my acceptance of the offer to take the other job? I haven't signed any contracts with the DC hospital and I don't start work until Oct. 18th. What's your advice on what to say to the D.C. hospital staff??

Any advice would be great!!! Thank you!

I sent you a PM. I hope someone can give you the answer you're looking for.

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The only advice I have to offer you right now is that you should make sure that the Baltimore offer is a sure thing (i.e., you received a formal job offer regarding a position, not just a verbal "we'd love to have you working here" from the nurse manager post-interview) before you withdraw your acceptance at DC. Good luck.

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