Can I take NCLEX rather than taking PNLE in the Philippines?


I recently graduated nursing in the Philippines with the help of my aunt who currently resides in Australia. She helped a lot and now I've graduated, I plan on being a nurse there as it was her idea. I agreed of course but I'm a bit confused with where and who can help me with the situation as I don't really have anyone who r nurses that I can confide with. I actually have two problems. 1) I would like to take the NLE for 2023 but I lack one requirement which is the Transcript of record (reason: I have a huge amount of unpaid debt from my previous school which they will not allow to give unless paid.) the question is, is there a way to provide a paper (photocopy or certificate) that may help me be able to take it? 
2) the second question is if I can't take the PNLE, can I take the NLCEX for Australia? And how? 

I know both require my records  but at this point I'm really trying to find a way in being a nurse. If anyone could help I would appreciate it a lot!