Can I do PCT in another state?

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Okay, here's the situation. In Connecticut, the hospitals within driving distance for me are not hiring LPNs. Period. As a result, new LPN grads are working in the nursing homes. I am trying to figure out a way I can work in a hospital, even if it is not in Connecticut (ie. next door in .MA) to get more exposure to acute care and get a feel for different floors and units. (We did clinical at two hospitals but they, in turn, are only accepting applications from RNs.)

The hospitals in Connecticut hire Patient Care Technicians - basically CNAs with phlebotomy and EKG training. As an LPN, I have heard that working as a PCT is not advisable even if I renewed my CNA certification and got the serperate phlebotomy and EKG training certifications at a community college.The reason I am told is that as a LPN working as a PCT, (or just as a CNA) you are still held liable as an LPN legally as a licensed professional in the event something happens to a patient (unlike a PCT ) In theory, it is too much of an exposure to your license and puts you at risk.

Okay. I like my license. I want to keep it, but I want to be in the hospital so a) I can get some income on an as needed basis through an agency at a good wage b) avoid the nursing home environment which is limiting me in the types of patients and cases I see (i.e. no peds, no one under 60) and C) have peace of mind about my LPN license while I concentrate on EC courses and knock them off , instead of dragging out the whole process by juggling a job and school requirements.

Now, does any one know if there is any reason why I couldn't get PCT certified in MA? Would my CT LPN license be at risk over there too even though its a different state? The MA hospitals are actually an easier commute. (And they too are not hiring LPNs either - at least not at Baysate and Noble) So applying for reciprocity would be another expense .Also holding multiple licenses when it comes to getting permission to sit for the NCLEX Rn presents another delay. I would want to get through the CPNE portion of the EC program and do the NCLEX right after.

I am asking if anyone out there knows since I can't get anyone knowledgeable on the phone at the CT BON - I have been switched around, put on hold and sucked into the phone tree on three attempts now. I need to make a decision on how to proceed. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows anything.

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