Can you get into UNMC BSN nursing without a great GPA?


I'm a senior at UNL and I had a rough couple years in college being diagnosed halfway through with ADHD, getting mono twice, 5 concussions and the list goes on. So I don't have a competitive GPA, for prereqs my GPA is 3.05. If I get all A's this semester, which seems pretty likely since I have easy classes, it'll get up to like 3.35 or 3.37 something like that and after next semester I'll have like a 3.45 but still, their average acceptance GPA is 3.6. I volunteer at a medical clinic every week for 3-4 hours, but I also shadow health care providers and build hours as a CNA all at the same time. I know a couple professors that loved me so I know they'd write good letters of recommendation as well as a health care provider from the medical clinic, but is that going to be enough? I'm super stressed out that it won't be enough only because of my GPA. I don't want to move to Omaha so I prefer Lincoln but I'd be willing to go to Kearney. Does anyone have advice on what would make me stand out even more? Or do I even have a chance at all?


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Hi, I am currently in the same boat as you. I hoping you would write an update. Did you apply to UNMC program? Where you accepted? I will be applying in about a month and I am very nervous due to my GPA.