Can you complete a Chemistry minor at the same time as a BSN?


To begin, my plan is to get my BSN at my UG school and apply to medical school as I graduate. With the knowledge that it's extremely difficult to get into med school, I wanted to have a useful UG degree that would allow me to enter the medical realm as soon as possible after the four years were up, so that's why I chose to look into nursing.

My first question would be - does the nursing track alone provide enough credits to get into med school? Like, are the general biology and organic chemistry credits fulfilled? The course list provided by the college I'm looking into (Fairleigh Dickinson University) describes the courses as "Chemistry for Nurses" and the such, so I'm not quite sure how that translates.

If it turns out that those courses don't work for the med school prereqs, I was wondering if it would be possible to get a Chemistry or Biology minor at the same time as the BSN?

Also: any tips even outside this question would be appreciated - I'm really new to the whole college search thing and I don't even know the right questions to ask.


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You can get a minor if you want. For med school you'll also need to take physics which is not part of nursing. You can always take those classes as electives. You will likely be taking more credits than needed to graduate but if you want to apply to med school, take summer school and take your med school prerequisites while in undergrad. You don't have to get a minor to take the classes.

Everything varies from school to school so it is best to talk to an academic counselor who can help you plan your course. I actually was on the same route as you and ended up with a chemistry associates degree.