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Can you apply to queensland hospitals directly?

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Does anyone know if you can call the hospitals in Queensland directly and enquire about vacancies or do you always go via Queensland Health?:uhoh3:

Id like to apply diectly if Im able to. I know Queensland Health are interviewing in the UK about now- If I have to go with them would I need to wait until they are back in the UK to interview or do they do it via phone normally?

Ive sent all my registration docs to the QNC but havent heard anything yet-is it worth me even trying to gain a job offer yet? :idea:

Any suggestions gratefully appreciated!!!


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Sure..just drop them an email with your CV and dates when you're planning to go - i'd recommend it as opposed to going through QH...don't forget that QH isn't the only employer in Queensland eg. try the Mater they may also cover your speciality

the Allnurses board is excellent but doesnt have as much info as


for UK nurses wanting to work in Oz

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Google 'Work for us qld health' and check out the jobs advertised. This list is updated every Friday.

QNC do take a while to process applications for registration but you shouldn't have to wait too long to get it if your initial qualification and registration were obtained in the UK.

A couple of the nurses (now working for Qld Health) who were interviewed in the UK said that they got their registration in a matter of weeks. And they were given relocation allowance/assistance.

The main thing is to have the nursing registration. Yes, you can apply directly to the hospitals.

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