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Hi, I just moved to a new city and am trying to get out of hospital nursing. I have been an OB nurse for 2.5 years and am ready to try something different. I am very interested in a physicians office or some type of clinic. The problem is, I'm very used to the way a hospital runs their human resource department but I really don't know the best way to go about getting a job or even an interview at a physicians office. They don't seem to advertise in the paper much. Can anyone help? Thanks!


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Most all nursing jobs are not posted. Pick a place you want to start, then ask to talk with the office manager, human resources dept, personnell ext. every one has a lead person. Including clinical manager, you name it. hope this helps


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I've worked for several clinics over the years, and all of them have had a nurse manager for the clinic. FInd the clinic you're interested in and ask to speak with the nursing manager. I would do this and bypass the main corporate offices right away...I've done this 3 times and landed all 3 jobs that way.

I know in the last 2 clinics I worked in, they hired RN's for their clinic OB department. The last clinic I was at had an RN manage the department with 3 physicians and 2 CMA's. THe RN did all the OB triage, walk in preg tests, OB teaching, etc. This is what I hope to do when I'm done with RN school.

Good Luck!


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