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So here is the deal. I really want to be a Nurse, but I am super confused at where to start. I mean I know that I should go to school and all of that business, but what programs are the best? I would appreciate any advice or any nursing wisdom:p


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What I did was get on the waiting list for the nursing program, then take all the pre req's needed. I looked at 4 year programs and tech schools. I really liked the idea of a BS, but the time, and clinical experience of the Associates Degree really appealed to me since I am old and have 2 young kids, a husband, a big dog and a house, not to mention, I still needed to continue working while in school.:roll

Good luck to you-and dont put it off! Finally going back to school and becoming a nurse, made a long time dream of mine come true!


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What I did was to check the availability of local schools and cost per credit,etc. Currently where I live we have a very long waiting list for associate degree programs.

I ended up at a local technical college and did all the required steps to get onto a waiting list. Once on a waiting list you can take pre-program courses so once in the program you have less work. My two year associate degree will end up taking me 31/2 years to complete. One suggestion, try to work even part time as a cna in a hospital. This is one regret I have and think it would have been a wonderful learning experience.

Best of luck to you


remember ~~BABY STEPS~~they are one small step in the right can do it!!!


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Hi, I went to a nursing school in MO, but think the best nurses are those who were CNA's first and don't forget their roots. You get a more global idea of nursing care. When I went to school, I had one child in pre-school, one in Kindergarten and one in 3rd grade. Challenging, but do-able with much support from my husband and also the kids, that age loves to help. And the first year I did as many pre-req. as possible. This enabled me to not only concentrate on just the nursing classes, it also made a good impression on the selection board they had. It took 3 years for my Associate's, but that school recommended ADN, work for at least a year and then go back for the BSN. Currently am checking out on-line RN-to-BSN programs. If you really want to be a nurse, don't give up on your dream, if it's meant to be all the hurdles will disappear, mine did.

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