Can anyone give me input on Surg/Oncology floors??

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I have a call on my machine from the local hospital inquiring if I'm interested in an interview for this area. I know nothing about this area as I never was involved with it in school and have been in LTC since I becamed licensed back in 1997.

Is it usually post surgical cancer patients or a combination of surgical and cancer patients?? ---meaning I will/could be involved with a larger variety of people/diseases/procedures??

What could my expectations be from the oncology area?? Basic follow up for after chemo/radiation/procedures?? or meeting needs during these txs. and their side effects and family support??

I feel like a virgin wanting to face acute care, but am so tired of being a pill passer and all the other stuff from LTC....I'm tired here and need new challenges. I'm at the point that the new super walmart is looking pretty good for my next round of employment ...just kidding....that don't pay enough, I would still have to nurse parttime to pay those darn bills!!

Thanks for any help........Lisa

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