CPAP at camp?

  1. Curious if anyone has come across a camper who uses CPAP for sleep apnea in a typical summer camp.
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  3. by   Alex Egan
    Ok so I would have a few questions here. Sleep apnea in the typical summer camp environment should be pretty rare.

    I would expect the diagnosis to be obesity and then my question is can the camper tolerate the activity level of the camp (my camp is pretty sporty) if it's not obesity then I would think something like tracheomalica or primary apnea. In any case I would want a letter from the child's ENT or PULM saying they are clear for activity, and addressing any special considerations If the camper becomes sick. (Think URI with a floppy airway)

    Next, How long can the camper be without this device if it malfunctions? If the answer is less time than it takes to get a new one delivered (maybe 48 hours in my neck of the woods) then you have a problem that needs addressed.

    The next question is: can the camper manage the device independently? If yes than make sure they can do basic troubleshooting. If no then ask your director what other staff he wants trained on the equipment, and what outside qualified trainer they intend to hire to educate you on the device. Because you really can't rely on the camper or the parent to train you. You would need an educational resource such as a video or a professional such as a RT to do that and keep everyone covered from a liability standpoint. You will also need a backup staff member fully trained in case you are not available.