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  1. I am a camp nurse that will be affiliated with a camp in the Pocono Mnts. In PA next summer. There were at least 60 meds every day for the 200-300 campers in resident camp. I need some advice for software to do medication management for next year. I contacted The executive director of the National Camp Nursing Ass. and was told that some facilities use modified school nurse software for medication management, while others wrote their own. I wrote some ideas down as to what I feel is needed:

    Camper Name age Cabin assignment
    Med time, name dose, route

    I thought that the info could be entered on the laptop, during check in and a paper copy could also be done at check in so that there is a space for parental permission for the nurse to administer meds while at camp.

    I also thought that I would Like to have an automatic printout at 7AM (the bulk of meds are at brfst.) for morning meds and 9AM for the meds for the rest of the day. All meds
    need to be prepoured by the nurse and given to each camper during mealtime.

    Does anyone have other suggested needs for a computer in the realm of camp nursing?
    Are there software programs that are fairly inexpensive that have info about different common pediatric diseases and nursing treatments, medications? All suggestions are appreciated. Please post.
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  3. by   kdmcook
    Wow, I wonder what camp you work at. I have been at a weight loss camp for the past two summers and we have absolutely NO computer access in the infirmary, except for those who bring laptops, then no printers.

    If you find anything I would be interested.