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  1. I'm looking for some quick and easy MAR forms. Camp starts in June and there will be 60+ kids rotating through camp each week. I've looked through some previous threads but have yet to find any that 'fits' our camp and was hoping someone could help me out.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!
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  3. by   Alex Egan
    I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for... A mar in my experience is always pretty close to every other mar in existence. My camp uses standard mars, a task list,and in house mars. For kids who get routine medicine or are ordered meds by the camp doctor we use the standard mar. We also list any PRN's they recieve routinely like Miralax. If anyone want a PRN with med pass, such as tylenol, we have a master list of kids who's parents have indicated they may NOT have our stock PRNs. If your name isn't on the list we dispense the PRN at the med pass at the dining room. We then have to note that the prn was given in the computer so that a head counslor wont give it again until its due. (HCs can dispense meds without direct comunication with the nurses, all others must call and get verbal orders). If the same kid is asking for a PRN frequently then we will put it on the routine mar. The task lists are for eye drops perscribed for conjunctivitis. That way when we get 10 kids on eye drops for only 5 days we aren't making tons of mars. Also if there is an outbreak then we start a second med line just for the conjunctivitis house mars are geared towards fevers and vomiting, because those are about the only kids we keep. They are simply a preprinted tempature chart with Tylenol,Motrin, and visteril spaces. The physician puts in the dose upon admission, or the admitting nurse does. After that whenver a med is given the nurse will write the date and time. Treatments are handled using a task sheet, which must be religiously checked and updated as wounds and rashes resolve or get treatment changes.
    Hope this helps.
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  4. by   savannak88
    Thanks, that gives me some direction. The camp I will be volunteering for does not have a camp doctor or any other type of forms that they use to document meds that are sent by parents to camp for the week. Since I will be in charge of dispensing medication and this will be my first year doing so, I was hoping to find a quick, thorough, ready-made document that I could adopt at least for this summer.
  5. by   dragonheart
    Depending on the camp setting, some state first aiders/nurses are using a medication log similar to the the one Boy Scouts of America(BSA) sale in their stores(or adopted the BSA log since it meets legal requirements related to documentation).
    The BSA log provides guidance for how to use the log and prompts for documentation by using the following headers: name of camper/staff, time and date of first aid station visit, reason for visit, medication /first aid care, follow up( isolate, contact parents for pickup, call parents and advise of need for MD visit emergent/non-emergent) and signature of person completing the documentation.

    GSUSA has offered guidance first aiders which follows training requirements.
    The basis of that guidance is that First Aiders must hold current certification and then follow that training guidance.
    The RN/LPN functions according the Nurse Practice Act in regards to medication administration, management , first aid support, and advising camp director.

    Nurses functioning in the camp setting are advised to review their state nursing regulations specific to nurse practice . Generally, the Nurse Practice Act does not allow for prescriptive authority, unless the RN is advanced practice (i.e. CRNP, midwife...)
    Because by definition nurses do not prescribe. Doctors (MD) prescribe.

    Based on that information if a camp does not have MD prescriptive authority(written blanket order to administer medication within the camp setting) then there is no authorization to "dispense meds" in the traditional sense of store meds brought from home in first aid setting,pour, and administer the medication, which includes OTC(over the counter)meds (i.e. suntan lotion, antibacterial ointments....)

    Doctors, in general, have moved away from prescriptive authority for
    "patients they have not conducted assessment and have a clinical baseline from which to grant authority to administer medications. The reason has been the increase and allergic responses/reactions to an ever increasing range of foods and medications ( peanut butter, gluten, suntan lotion, antibacterials, and medical conditions that more campers are presenting for camp experience.

    Approaches that I have experienced are :
    1. Have campers continue bring meds in original packaging. The medications are held in first aid setting to ensure temperature control and the camper is observed to take the medication, at the prescribed time on the packaging and that is what is documented.
    The distinct difference is that the camper is taking medication.
    2. Meds are retained by campers and if used in camper unit setting that is reported by unit leader to first aider/nurse who documents occurrence.

    3. Inhalers are retained by campers who have had patient discharge teaching specific to inhaler use.

    4. Family MD writes order that camp nurse can dispense medications to individual camper

    Summary, depends on :
    prescriptive authority
    state nurse practice act
    type of setting primitive, community center, school, day, resident camp
    are all volunteers functioning under the position description/role of first aiders and nurses serving in first aid capacity as level II first aiders

    Recommendation: American Camp Nurses has been helpful , current, and state specific reference
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  6. by   campwigwamnurse
    new to this site, but we used a system called for our MARs last year and it was great. very easy, and the parents filled everything out online before camp started. we could then print out MARs automatically.
  7. by   dragonheart
    Boy Scouts of America (BSA) store camp log has everything in one permanent bound register, complete with directions on how to best use the tool, if you do not have a corporate one to use.
  8. by   bethm214
    I created an MAR for our 4H camp. I enter our campers into a database then I use the merge function to auto fill in the MAR including the name, DOB, group name, allergies, date of last tetanus, date of last PE, and has a spot to sign off lice check. The MAR has spots to fill in the routine meds and prn meds, and there is a section preprinted with the names of the camp nurses, all they have to do is add their signature and initials if they administer care to that camper.