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CAMC Marshall University CRNA May 2017

rhianna rhianna (New) New

Hello Everybody!

I just found out I was accepted to the DMPNA program at CAMC/Marshall University for May 2017!!! I am so excited and wanted to see if I could connect with people who will be starting the program as well!

Please comment if you are in the May 2017 class!

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Hi! I just found out I got in the 2017 program! I'm excited but so nervous and not sure what to expect. How is everyone handling the financial part? Nice to meet everyone!

Hi there! Don't worry, I feel the exact same way. I've spoken to the financial aid office several times, they are very nice and helpful. I just plan on doing loans to pay for school.

Thanks Amanda! My name is Brooklyn dillon of you have a Facebook. I don't know anyone in the program. Lol. I didn't apply until late so have now have to figure everything out. Thanks :)

Just Facebook friended you Brooklyn :)

You're right there's a lot to figure out before school starts. But we can do it! :up:


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