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anyone heard of this school reputation? they're offering the aas rn program in 48 intensive weeks for 14k. sounds good to me.


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Check their NCLEX rates on florida's department of health website.


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Yes, I went there graduated 2nd in the class with a 3.82 CGPA. And did not pass the N-clex my first time.

I learned a lot on my own, prepping for the N-clex, that they did not teach me. Absolutely no emphasization was put on Priority and suprise that's what got me. I had all 265 questions and majority were the ones I had no were idea coming.

I blame myself for not coming to this website earlier and picking up on all the tips that people post.

I only had a clinical experience at a Hospital for a total of 4 days my enitre time at the school. I did Mental health at a high functioning mentally challenged center. (It was not a skilled nursing facility)

Had a ASN grad professor for OB...with no prior Labor & delivery exp. (according to her)

Every professor I had either left own their own or got dismissed after I completed their class, except the OB instructor.

The two owners have absolutely zero nursing experience. One has a high school dipolma though. They can be quite disrespectful also, in my personal opinion.

I honestly could go own with more FACTS about the school, but I'm saving that for a different letter.

Oh yeah, N- Clex RN passin rate is below 28%....yes I meant to write 28.... Which can easily be found at the Florida Board of Nursing website