Calling in Sick for On Call Shift: Do you receive sick time pay?

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Hi Everyone,

I have question for those of you out there who do on call shifts. When you call in sick for an on call shift, does your hospital pay you sick time for that on call shift? If yes, how? Do you get paid for a full shift as if you would have worked it OR do you receive pay based on how much you would have been paid to take the on call hours only?

I would appreciate any input. Thanks so much.


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I have never heard of getting paid for calling in sick during "on call" status.


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Not paid here for calling in sick when on call.



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One of my nurses wants to be paid for her on call when she is sick. If we do it for her, then we will have to do this for all. I think that we may have problems with people burning up their benefit time if we start allowing this- and then when the time is really needed, it won't be there. :-(


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nope, no way. we have to use PTO before sick(EID) pay goes into effect. :confused:

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