Calling off during orientation?


So to give some background, I am a new nurse coming into my 8th week of orientation on a very busy med surg floor. I am also pregnant with our first baby. I called off once during my first trimester due to morning sickness but made it up by just working a different day that week so I guess in a way I really have not missed a shift yet. On top of all this, I am a military spouse and we are moving to Korea in July. Because of this I am leaving this hospital job pretty soon because we werent aware of this upcoming move happening so quick. But I am grateful of how much I have learned already its just unfortunate I need to leave this job beginning of June to prepare for this move plus ill be pretty preggo during this time. Anyways, tomorrow is the only day I can get a passport appointment they are booked until June due to Covid. So I will need to call out of work tomorrow since this is priority. What is the best way to call out in a sense if my manager does not know about us moving to Korea? All of this going on plus pregnancy.. lets just say my stress and anxiety is through the roof LOL