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on call pay for pacu

hi, i am looking into a pacu job and wondering what they usually pay for being on call. in know it's not the regular hourly rate. do they pay you at half time? or is it a set dollar amount, like $5/hr or something? also, i know this varies from place to place obviously, but also - do you get paid straight time when you get called in, or straight time plus the on call pay? or time and a half or something?


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Call pay for our PACU is $75.00 for 12 hr shift, which comes to $6.25 per hour, That is just to be on call. If called in, minimum of 4 hrs time and a half is paid. If you work 2 hrs, you get paid for 4 hrs (time and 1/2). If you work more then four hours, you get that amt. at time and 1/2. Sine this IS overtime, it should be time and 1/2.


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add: That's two RN's on call for each 12hr shift. We only have call on the weekends. We are staffed with two Night RN's and if one is out, then there is a call shift of 11p - 7a posted for anyone to sign up for. Weekend call is mandatory.


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We're paid all of $12. for being 'on call' from 2300-0700. If we're called in it's at Time+1/2/hr for the first 4 hours. Anything over that,we're paid double time for the entire time we've been in. Top of the scale RNs here are paid $33.60. All night call can really add to the pay cheque.

thank you. i think i will pursue a different path but the on call sounds interesting!

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