Who is going to CSU- San Marcos BSN program FALL 2009

  1. The phone rang about 11:00am on Wednesday July 1st... Hello, this is the Director of Nursing at CSU San Marcos... I boldly stated that I have been expecting her call! I took a deep breath as she welcomed me to the fall 2009 BSN class I hung up and gave a very loud shout of JOY!

    So anyone else on this site going to be in my class?

    Oh happy days.....

    Student RN August 2009
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  3. by   AKEEM
    Yes I'm going to the nursing programs this fall
  4. by   Snwbdr
    Congratulations and welcome to both of you. I'm in Cohort 4 and on the SNA board (you'll learn about that at orientation) so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  5. by   AKEEM
    How is the overall program in SMSU? Is it hard? intense?.....
  6. by   Snwbdr
    Quote from AKEEM
    How is the overall program in SMSU? Is it hard? intense?.....
    it's Cal State San Marcos, not San Marcos State....sounds retarded but it actually makes a difference...in San Diego "state" refers to San Diego State University....just wanna keep our identities separate....as for the program? At first it seems overwhelming....especially in the first semester...be prepared to be assigned 10-12 chapters of reading a week.....also the first exam might be a bit of a shock....Tests in nursing school are different than the pre-req's....Nursing involves more critical thinking and the questions are designed to make you think. Intense? well that depends on your individual response to stress....some people handle it well, others break down.....you'll get used to it.
  7. by   AKEEM
    thank you so much for answer
  8. by   Snwbdr
    no problem...feel free to ask anything.....otherwise see ya in the fall
  9. by   elacer08
    If you don't mind me asking how good does your gpa need to be along with TEAS testing to get in?
  10. by   Snwbdr
    Quote from elacer08
    If you don't mind me asking how good does your gpa need to be along with TEAS testing to get in?
    it's not based totally on grades & TEAS, though they're a big chunk of the points....I had a 3.7 overall, 3.8 in the core subjects, and a 92% on the TEAS.....add those points up with residency and I made the program in the lower positions.....I didn't have work or volunteer experience, or the foreign language points either.

    If you're working on your points right now, my best advice is to get the foreign language points...it's 10 for spanish, and 5 for anything else, by far the easiest points u can earn (other than the 8 for residency).....The TEAS was easy IMO but I understand that some people don't test well.

    I think the lowest someone got on the TEAS in my cohort was in the low 80's....our GPA's were all over the map so no comment on those.
  11. by   coffeecat
    I am also starting at CSUSM in Fall 2009. Snowboarder, can you please give me a little more info on the SNA? I looked at the flyer and I'm not sure I would utilize it. Nursing school is so expensive already...can you maybe give me a little more info on how the SNA functions in the life of a nursing student? I mean outside of discounts to members on the books listed in the flyer, the magazine they publish, and looking good on your resume? Do they have meetings, etc.?

    Thank you so much!
  12. by   Snwbdr
    The SNA chapter is very active in the college community helping raise our profile. We organize community projects, offer health advice to the college newspaper, and help new students adjust to the rigors of nursing school. There's a mentorship program in place that matches an incoming student with an upperclassmen. My position on the board is to organize activities outside of school so that you can get together with the other nursing students in the SON that you might not otherwise get a chance to interact with. Is it worth the investment? that's up to the individual person. I haven't used the discounts for anything yet, but I feel like it could be something that sets me apart from the rest of the pack. I've heard of SNA students being picked over non-SNA students for extern positions (with everything else being equal; grades, etc) so it might prove to be useful. It's as useful as you make it.

    Once you start classes, your cohort will have to pick a representative and treasurer who will be your link between the board and your cohort. Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings, but u must be a member to serve on the board. Hope this helps...
  13. by   coffeecat
    Thank you so much, that does help!
  14. by   elacer08
    hello everybody. I am a bit concerned about my situation. my current gpa is like 3.7 but in my science classes I do not feel like I cam out really learning anything at all. I went to a community so as you can see standards are lower and now I am afraid if I get into a program that I won't do well at all? Does anyone in a program know if they will RETEACH everything and really help those who forgot the material? thanks greatly appreciated