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The phone rang about 11:00am on Wednesday July 1st... Hello, this is the Director of Nursing at CSU San Marcos... I boldly stated that I have been expecting her call! :D I took a deep breath as she... Read More

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    hello everybody. I am a bit concerned about my situation. my current gpa is like 3.7 but in my science classes I do not feel like I cam out really learning anything at all. I went to a community so as you can see standards are lower and now I am afraid if I get into a program that I won't do well at all? Does anyone in a program know if they will RETEACH everything and really help those who forgot the material? thanks greatly appreciated

    Well I went to a community college also, and don't feel like the standards are lower...if anything the classes I've had at the CSU seem EASIER than at the community colleges I've attended...with that being said, any relevant anatomy & physiology is not retaught per se, but there's usually an optional chapter that covers it....as far as chem or bio goes, it's not really all that important....Nobody expects you to remember EVERYTHING you learned in those courses....