West Coast University Nursing Program Questions, Please Help!

  1. I am from Hawaii and really interested in transferring to WCU asap. I've taken the majority of all the pre-reqs but not sure if the pre-reqs I've taken here are equivalent to the classes at WCU. So, if anyone knows if there's a credit transfer database or website that can tell me what classes are equivalent to WCU. any additional information is helpful too. I've spoken to a counselor and she was nice but demanded that I find all information on the website. unfortunately, I am all the way here in Hawaii and cannot go to Anaheim until this summer and wanted to know more information before I go. I hope someone can help me or provide me with some kind of information.


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  3. by   piinkk
    Yes.. you can transfer their pre reqs. here they are:

    human anatomy
    written communication
    oral communication (speech)
    college math (math 101)
    life span psychology
    cultural pluralism
    written communication 2

    all of that would be 3 semesters (6 terms). and after those you would start the nursing classes. there are a total of 8 semesters, and this is for the BSN program. if you have any other questions askk.. im starting my classes this summer!
  4. by   j-lyn
    hey thanks for replying. I actually do have more questions, and I hope you can help me with them

    - Is there a resident and nonresident tuiton, & if there is what are they? how much is it per credit?

    -if you do not mind me asking, how much are you paying for a semester?

    - after taking all of the general education classes, how long after will it take to finish up the program (in years)?

    - what apartments/housings would be safe, affordable, & close by the campus?

    -overall, in your opinion, would you recommend and would you say that this is a good, bad, etc. school to attend?

    thanks for all your help!
    hope to hear from you soon
    congrats on starting the program! (^_^)
  5. by   piinkk
    no problem!!

    well im not sure about the resident & nonresident tuition, but it is about $9,000 per semester considering your a full time student and $6,000 per semester if you are half time.

    I'm not sure but I think i'm paying $5,000 per semester because I received financial aid and pell grant..

    I'm going for the BSN program for RN so i'm not sure which one your going for, but mine takes 39 months (a little over 3 years) including the prerequisites which is 8 semesters (16 terms) but if you take all there pre req's at a community college, you'll be going for 5 semesters. in my case i took the classes my school had so now when i start in june, ill be going for 6 semesters.

    i cant answer your question on housing cause i'm going to the LA campus..

    i've done a lot of research on the school before applying and most of the comments have been great! i havent heard any complaints (besides a couple saying its too much) but that depends on the person. the people at the campus seem very nice and helpfull.

    hope i was a help!!
  6. by   j-lyn
    thanks a bunch!!!

    really helps me a lot knowing about this school before I actually finalize everything since i'm all the way in hawaii and i cant do anything but email and talk to a counselor on the phone.

    good luck in nursing school! '')
  7. by   krizyranne18
    hello piinkk

    are you in the bsn program now? im planning on going there too (wcu los angeles) but im trying to finish all my prereqs at mtsac so that it will lower down my tuition,,,, i cant find cultural pluralism at mtsac, do you know what might be the other term for it? maybe cultural anthropology/...?>??
  8. by   piinkk
    Yah im in the BSN program now and im starting my bio chem class this august.. as far as the cultural pluralism class, I couldnt find it at colleges around me so im just going to take it at West Coast. Also, I couldnt find pathophysiology and biochem. So i basically have those to take at west coast and in february I'll be starting my nursing classes. By the way im going to the LA campus too.. but they're moving to North Hollywood this month i think.
  9. by   elacer08

    I had a few questions myself and was wondering if anyone could help me answer them. I am currently debating whether or not I should attend WCU in LA. I have went to the orientation and heard many wonderful things about them but I to hear the bad things. Can anyone tell me why they have chosen WCU and PINK if so can you tell me how some of the classes are going I need to take the biochem cultural plur and pathophysiology too. I have done all other pre recs so would you happen to know how much it might be like 75K ? Thanks so much!
  10. by   krizyranne18
    Quote from piinkk
    Yah im in the BSN program now and im starting my bio chem class this august.. as far as the cultural pluralism class, I couldnt find it at colleges around me so im just going to take it at West Coast. Also, I couldnt find pathophysiology and biochem. So i basically have those to take at west coast and in february I'll be starting my nursing classes. By the way im going to the LA campus too.. but they're moving to North Hollywood this month i think.
    yah thats what i heard, they are moving this fall in north hollywood.. as of the classes, hows your experiece there nw?
  11. by   piinkk
    I haven't taken any classes at WCU yet, I'm gonna be taking the rest of my pre reqs that colleges didnt offer starting august 31st. Um.. I chose this school because I didn't want to wait every sememster and see if i got into the nursing programs at colleges. I rather know I'll be starting and finishing FAST! I have no patience hehe... but yah.. I was deciding on either mount st. marrys or WCU and i guess i just like WCU better. But i'm really looking foreward to starting my classes next month! I'll keep you guys updated on how their classes are.. the teachers and so forth!
  12. by   elacer08
    Thanks a lot Piinkk I really hate the wait to and this is why I thought about private schools. I am debating between WCU Mount St. Marys, American University of Health Sciences and Western Governors University. Have you ever looked into any of these. Can you please tell me how the HESI test went. I am very nervous and I am planning to take it this AUG. but other people say its a stupid and hard test so now I am worried. If you dont mind me asking did you have to pay more then 75K for WCU cause I am in the same path as you I still need cultural pluralism, biochem, and pathphysiology. Anymore info you know about WCU would be great thanks so much
  13. by   piinkk
    No actually I've only looked into WCU and mount st. marry's.. but to tell you the truth, I never really did much research on Mount st. marry's but i did a lot for WCU.. I read a bunch of threads and blogs.

    The HESI wasn't the hardest test I've taken.. my bio classes were harder then the HESI if that helps. I didn't pass it the first time (I missed it by 1 question and they didn't give it to me) so i took it a few days later again and got an 89% so I was really happy about that. Its basically just math, english, reading, grammar, and general terminology with some bio terminology too. So it was okay.. I suggest you study from both the handbook they give you AND the online study guide. The one online has a lottt more information and most of the questions were more similar to the ones online on their website. That's also why i probably did so much better the second time cuz i studied off the online study guide. Also, you take the HESI on the computer.. so you should be really careful and take your time cuz you can't go back once you go on to the next question.

    As far as tuition, I dont knowo how much I will end up paying in the end because they go by semester/year.. I got a loan so i'm not very worried about that because I will pay it off later. I think, if im not mistaking, im paying about 23,000 the first year.. and they divide the 3 years into 4 so itll be around 90,000 including financial aid. But then again you never know when you might not be eligable for financial aid anymore.

    Also, their classes are 10 weeks each term and you meet like twice a weak i think, also as far as i'm concerned you dont get holidays off (but i could be wrong im not 100% sure).

    Hope this helped.. let me know if you have more questions I mightt have the answers. hehe
  14. by   elacer08
    Thanks so much piinkk your comments were so helpful. I am just so confused about this school. I always hear good news and bad news so I am not to sure. I am still debating between american university of health sciences, western governors university have you heard of these private schools. After my bachlors I wanted to do a masters program but I am not sure if these classes will transfer over so I am a bit concered too. Any thoughts? I am nervous for the HESI manily the math part it isnt my favorite subject what kind of math did it cover algebra 2 stats, percentages? Wow 23,000 is pretty cheap I think I have to pay around 35-40,000 a year which is so much . Please get back to me soons thanks so much your a great help!:spin: