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I am from Hawaii and really interested in transferring to WCU asap. I've taken the majority of all the pre-reqs but not sure if the pre-reqs I've taken here are equivalent to the classes at WCU. So,... Read More

  1. by   bethca
    Hi Can you give ma an idea of what the student population seems to be? Are you getting your classes so far you need? I would be moving to LA to go there so where is a good area for "young " ( recent college grad)people to live and get to the school in a reasonable time? Thanks for your help
  2. by   piinkk
    i dont know how many students come to the school.. but i can tell you there are about 15-30 students per class.. some classes seem to be larger than others.. but that is about how many students are in each class.

    i'm taking the classes i need.. and i transferred a lot of classes over to the school which helped a lot! but one thing for sure that i love is that you do not choose your classes. theres a lady that actually puts everyones schedule together so you never have to worry about trying to get into classes that might be full or deciding on what classes you need for the next term. but on the other hand it might suck cuz you dont choose your hours hehe. and they give out your schedule about 3 weeks before your next term.. so you have a lot of time to get your books. oh and they have there own website with a list of all the classes they offer so when you have to order your books you just go to the site, choose which classes you need books for and the books pop up so you just order it.. and some books you can even find on ebay or amazon and save a lottt.

    i wouldn't recommend you staying in north hollywodod especially if your a young girl and your gna live alone. but anywhere in la/glendale/hollywood/burbank are perfect! it'll take you about 15 minutes to get to the school without traffic.. 30 min with traffic.. so its really not that bad. it takes in 15 minutes to get to school i loveee it!
  3. by   BruinAGNP
    Hi all!!

    I was thinking about going to WCU in Anaheim and took their HEIS exam and met with the financial advisor as well as the academic advisor. I passed their HEIS exam which was not hard because they omitted taking science section, so it helped a lot.. also i had finished all my pre-reqs except Anatomy. the tuition was still too high for me.. for 39 months, my total estimated tuition was $110,000 total. I thought that was too crazy just for the BSN program. I didn't want to come out with a load of debt ..I didn't think that it was worth it at all.. i thought maybe i will a little more to raise my gpa and then apply to the public school. But one thing good about WCU is that there's no wait-list. it's a profit-organization so i got this impression when i first went to visit the school was very business-like. I didn't feel like i was at "school". anyways, but those of you who are attending the program at WCU, how is it? do you guys like the program??
  4. by   piinkk
    hii, yes i'm goin there right now and i think one of the reasons why i like it so much is that its soo comfortable! i can be at the school all day long and not be tired haha the instructors are pretty good i enjoy all my classes and yesss the tuition isss a lott! but i'm not letting that get to me and i use it as a motive to do better and i think of it like this.. im paying a couple thousand for this 9 week class so let me get as much as i can out of it. i dno it depends on the person.. some people prefer the waiting list and not having to pay as much, but nursing schools are generally pretty expensive! oh well.. we'll see what happens
  5. by   heyheyitsme
    I'm planning going to WCU in Orange County. Anybody know how much tuition if I haven't done GE? I could get a loan if I have had a debt from another school.
    Anyone in this Bsn, which class is difficult?
    In your opinion, I should get ADN or LVN and then go to WCU, the tuition is lower than go straight BSN at WCU?

    I am 24 right now, I want to get degree fast to help my family, but some people say I will pay the debt rest of my life, and don't have any extra saving. I will stuck in debt forever and for instance, I wouldn't get a job, how can I pay the debt? bla bla bla. Is it true what they say? They make me scared.

    Please give any advise. I am so confused go or not go WCU
  6. by   BruinAGNP
    I know how you exactly feel because i was once in that position whether to go to WCU or not. And my final decision was to NOT GO. The tuition without any pre-reqs, it comes to about $132,000 for 39 months. That is to pay $1000/month for about 7-10 years! I thought that was ridiculous although nursing program is expensive but there are other schools that offer much less cost as low as $5000 for ADN program at Community colleges, or $30,000 for public nursing schools. However as for me, I applied to Cal State San Bernardino and University Southern of Nevada for this Fall 2010, and If i don't get in then i'm considering to go get LVN license and apply to BSN right after. Some said they didn't have to wait but got in right away because they already had their LVN license. LVN program cost about $5000 at like adult schools..so there are other options you can look into before you set mind on going to WCU.
    Best luck!! I hope this might help a little
  7. by   heyheyitsme
    My goodness! $132,000 without pre-reqs. It is cost me a fortune. Anyway I have made appointment with representative at WCU. I am going to meet them on Thursday.
    Thank you for your advice! It helps me a lot.
    If you have any information about nursing program, please share with me.
    Hope you could get in Cal State San Bernadino and University of Nevada.
    Good luck to you, OneWay! Keep in touch!
  8. by   BruinAGNP
    Hello HeyHeyitsme!
    How did it go with the appt with WCU rep? Did you decide yet? Oh i'm curious to know what they told you! Well as for me, I had to take TEAS exam last saturday and i ended up getting 75.3%.. which isn't all that bad, but still not competitive. sucks.
  9. by   heyheyitsme
    Well, I met rep at WCU today. She introduced about the school, and give me the course of study and the tuition. She said the school will make class schedule, it changes every term, it is not stability, some classes offer morning, afternoon, evening, so she said I am not able to attend this program because I have to work full time, and be part time student. I think if someone attended this school, you would to be available. It flexible for whom to be free completely. Private school depends on the amount of student attendance every season. I have been technology trade school so far, and I know how they run the process. The first term, they have both morning and evening classes. Later on, less student, they combine us become one evening class. Some classes are full students, some a few students. That is why some of my student who took 5 or 6 classes, some newcomer, or some almost grad student, stuff like that.
    About Hesi, she told me to buy the study guide book at online or library.

    Do you think we could find the job easily after grad? I search nursing job forum online, there are a lot of new grad nurses unemployed even they got BSN and pass Nclex. Some people they are behind their bills and loan student debt.
    Oh, The rep at WCU talked about job placement, she said "the school would help you find the job, but you would get a job or not, it is yourself. You have to figure yourself out".
    I haven't decided yet. It is hard to make decision. This program is extremely expensive. Should I quit my current job and spend all the time to study? If I enrolled this program, I'm afraid things would not go smoothly like I hope after graduating.
    Oh, my friend told me about AUHS school? Do you stop by that school yet, OneWay?

    What is TEAS stand for? It looks like Hesi exam. Yeah, it sucks. 75.3% is not bad. So what are you going to do? Re-take TEAS? Do they give you study guide?
  10. by   tiramisue
    its gonna cost more than 130,000! everything total is like 160,000. i actually thought about gpoing here but they say that u cannot have a ft job or even a pt while in the program. how am i even suppsed to make moeny to support myself or start saving for the massive loan if i cannot even work? the admissions rep was nice but pushy, and he called me like every other day and emailed me too to jion their program. felt very much like they needed my money or omething. i do have a friends brother in law that graduated from here and he really enjoyed it. i guess if u r willing to be in debt for a while u should do it.
  11. by   heyheyitsme
    Thank you for your advice, Tiramisue. So does your friend's brother-in-law can get job after graduating? What hospital is he working right now? Well, I need money to support even myself and my parents. I must work. That is program does not fit my situation.
  12. by   tiramisue
    My friend's bro In law does work but I dunno where. Him and his wife are both nurses. The wife went to rcc for her rn after getting her lvn through the military. He really really liked the program there. He was like the president of their nursing club or association or something. That same fiend's little bro now has also just started there. They must really like it. I would go there but I'm like you. I can't afford not to work for the three years. I'm looking into other schools now. I'm actually looking at everest college In Ontario for an associates degree. Many people have opinions (good and bad) about that place but I have talked to a few people going their and that are planning to go there and they only have good things to say about it. I'm doing my research. I would go the community college route but it is taking me along time to get into the classes. I have friends that are two years waiting to get into the prereq classes like anatomy and microbiology. I would have to wait forever to get mt degree that way.
  13. by   OCstudent1
    For PIINK or anyone else going to WCU...I'm finding it impossible to get a response from anyone lol so hopefully someone will reply here.....

    Would you suggest the NOHO or Anaheim campus?
    I live in Orange County so Anaheim is closer for me but I've heard better things about the NOHO campus and its teachers....

    Were you able to get your entire tuition covered with financial aid: loans and grants together?
    I know I qualify as an independent, and get good money with grants at my CC.....I have a good credit score so I'm hoping I could get loans for whatever grants don't cover.......were you left with a remainder you had to pay out of pocket?
    That's all I'm worried about because I have no extra money to pay out of pocket....

    Thanks so much!