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I am from Hawaii and really interested in transferring to WCU asap. I've taken the majority of all the pre-reqs but not sure if the pre-reqs I've taken here are equivalent to the classes at WCU. So,... Read More

  1. by   piinkk
    Oh no I actually haven't heard of those school.. but they might be good you never know, you cant take every persons opinions cause each person has a different experience so I would suggest you to to the campus and see if you feel comfortable and if you can imagine yourself going to school there. I went to Mount st. Mary's and as nice as it looked I just couldn't see myself studying for my nursing license there. Um.. you should probably see if those school are accredited.. see if you can work outside of the state if you get your lisence from that school cause thats very important too.

    As far as the math section of the HESI... it WAS NOT that bad.. i promise hehe i hate math too its one of my worst subjects but i got a 100% on the math section the first time i took the test and a 98% the second time, and i have no idea how?!?! lol They were mostly questions like ratio's, word problems, fractions, mutiplication/division of fractions, converting percentages into fractions and decimal points vice versa.. nothing too complicated. believe me.. the hardest subject was probably the terminology section.

    Dont sweat it girlie.. lol and dont take it TOO seriously.. I mean its only a school.. and there all gonna go over the same things. Oh and also one more thing you should look for in school is make sure they allow you to get enough hands on experience. I mean that's basically how your really going to gain the knowledge is by getting yuourself in that situation and thinking on your feet. good luck!
  2. by   elacer08
    I can't thank you enough for all the help you have given me. I really do appreciate it. I will take everything you said into consideration and see what happens. As of right now I am really liking West Cost University but I still want to see if they have their CCNE. Please keep me updated on how classes are and what you think about it I think if I do attend it won't be until January. Good luck best wishes! I'll be cjecking everyday if you post a response :]
  3. by   LosAngelesLVNRN
    The admissions rep I had at WCU is HORRIBLE! She talks to you like she's a salesperson wanting your business! Makes me wonder if her salary is based on how much students she will be able to enrol. It feels like I'm buying a car and this sales person is so pushy! She will tell you everything just to convince you should ENROL NOW! I dont think she understand that it's not easy to spend $69,000! SHe's an evil! If you go to that school, take someone else so as not to ruin your career goals.
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  4. by   piinkk
    Nah, I dont know who you talked to but the lady that I met the first day I went there, who is now my counselor, was really cool about everything. I told her how I want to take as many classes as I can at a community College because its so expensive at their school and she told me that was fine and gave me a date when I will start at their school if i took that class which i am now. I'm SOO excited to start my classes I can't wait until August! haha

    Plus its good to have a pushy councelor that will help you later once your in the program to stay on track.. i dno
  5. by   emvill
    Hi Piinkk,

    If you could be so kind and update me on how the BioChem class went for you? I am taking it in a couple of months once I get all my transcripts in. Just wanted to know your feedback on it.

  6. by   piinkk
    Yes... I've been busy with school and work sorry I couldnt answer you earlier.

    I got my first A in biochem at west coast!! My professor was amazing.. a lot of people were complaining about him but i thought he was great and a very smart man too. I only had that one class.. but now I have 2 classes and its getting a little rough... i work full time too so I dont have enough time to study as much as I wish I could. But so far the school has been the best experience ever! I love the school.... zero complaints about it.. everyones so nice and helpful its perfect!

    I dno but I enjoy going to class... its only once a week. Both my classes are on the same day so its very convenient.

    Let me know if you guys have questions! :spin:
  7. by   emvill
    That's so great to hear! Congrats. I havent taken Chem since high school so I got worried when I saw that BioChem was listed as part of the classes for the curriculum. Did you take Chem before you transferred to WCU?

    Im so glad to hear that you like the school. I get so annoyed when I hear people complain about WCU and the cost. (If interested, you can read my other post in response to students complaining about WCU).

    Good luck, Piinkk!
  8. by   estellagirl
    I have a question for everyone that is already attending West Coast, did you have any difficulty getting a loan for the tuition? Also when do you get the living expenses? I heard that they don't give it to you right before you start but like 30 days after.
  9. by   emvill
    For the Stafford loans, I got approved right away but it doesnt cover everything so you would need to go through private loans. For private loans, you would need to have good to excellent credit to be approved or have a co-signer with excellent credit. Private loans can be a challenge depending on how great your credit is.
  10. by   estellagirl
    I have a co signer with really good credits to co sign for me, i'm just curious when do they give you the money because I have a child and she has to be in daycare in order for me to go to school.
  11. by   emvill
    You should schedule to meet with a Financial Advisor. Your Admissions Rep shouldve gave you all the paper work that has to be signed before your appointment with Financial Aid. Once you prepare all the documents, signatures, tax returns and W-2s for the appointment, then everything should be handled in an efficient amount of time. They actually tell you right away if you get approved or not and the from there, I am pretty sure it takes about 3-5 days to finalize everything before you can get your money.
  12. by   bethca
    PINKK you still gong there? How is it working out? Anyone going to the North Hollywood campus? if so, how is it?
  13. by   piinkk
    yes! i still go to the school (north hollywood campus) and im lovin itt!! im taking 2 classes right now.. and i start my nursing classes in april so im verryyy excited for that.. the instructors are also amazing, they make the subject pretty easy to understand and learn. i will let you guys know how the nursing classes are once i start them...