Valley Presbyterian Hospital new grad 2018

  1. Hello,

    I wanted to know if there is anyone who signed up for Valley Presbyterian Hospital New Grad RN Program heard back from any department or do you know the time frame of when the departments will contact applicants?
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  3. by   BSNnurse2017
    I received a call this week to confirm my top unit choice and had a mini phone interview with HR. She said that I will hear back in a few weeks if I get an interview.
  4. by   Harmony29
    That's so good to hear.
  5. by   Harmony29
    What unit did you apply to?
  6. by   BSNnurse2017
    I applied to post partum and med/surg
  7. by   Dbeetle123
    I also received a call from HR about my top units and applied to both med surg and postpartum as well!
    She called me Jan 15th!
    Have you heard anything since??
  8. by   BSNnurse2017
    I just got a call today for an in person interview this week
  9. by   Dbeetle123
    Yay congrats to you!!!! I received a call today as well to interview for new grad postpartum!
  10. by   BSNnurse2017

    Congrats!! Have you had your interview yet and have you heard back?
    I already had my interview for MedSurg
  11. by   Dbeetle123
    I have my interview on the 6th!!
    How did it go?! Any tough questions?
    Keeping fingers crossed for you!
  12. by   BSNnurse2017
    Good luck!
    They asked me a lot of questions haha. I don't remember that well but it wasn't too hard. They asked like why you want to work here, whats your weakness, conflict with a coworker or patient/family. It was mostly behavioral questions. Nothing super hard to answer. You got this!
  13. by   Dbeetle123
    Thank you!! Hahaha yeah I understand the whole not remembering thing!
    Did they let you know when you'll hear back!?
  14. by   BSNnurse2017
    Sorry for the late reply! hope your interview went well! I got the offer 2 days later. very quick!