VA San Francisco New Grad Program 2012 - page 3

Hey guys! Figured I'd start a new thread for the VA San Francisco new grad program that's coming up. Hopefully we can all share insight and information about the process as it goes along. Anyone else... Read More

  1. by   nurs1ng
    Not yet. Did you?
  2. by   SF_RN
    Not yet! The waiting continues....
  3. by   gastro2012
    Nothing on my end yet!

    Anyone remember when the program is supposed to start- January/February? I read the job announcement again and can't seem to find where it says. Thanks!
  4. by   Scooby-Dooby-Doo
    Quote from bungee
    VA Hospital in SF brings back memories for me! Did my first clinical rotation there as a student from SFSU. Never forgot the smell! They were very nice people though.
    I love the VA! I did my clinicals there from SFSU too on my first year. My incoming clinical group there for level 1 stayed there until our upcoming graduation. It's a new pilot program that SFSU-SF VAMC has, having all out clinicals there (except peds and OB). I'll be back there next semester for psych and community. I love the VA SF! Great experience and I even decided to be a United Student's for Veteran's Health (USVH) volunteer!

    Good luck to all!
  5. by   krazievi3t6url
    ahhhhh....still nothing!!
  6. by   gastro2012
    anyone hear anything regarding interviews? have they started calling people yet?
  7. by   alr25
    Hi everyone,

    Do you apply for RN residency programs at the VA through usajobs?

  8. by   SF_RN
    Yes, the job postings and online applications are available via the usajobs website.
  9. by   wreckitralph
    I haven't heard anything from them except for the status change. I read somewhere, maybe in their website that my application eligibility ends sometime next week, what does that mean?
  10. by   Peds143
    Has anyone heard back from SF VA?
  11. by   krazievi3t6url
    nothing here! I left a message for the recruiter and an email. nothing as of yet.
  12. by   SF_RN
    I too tried to contact the recruiter via phone and email but no response. Hopefully we hear from them soon!
  13. by   nurs1ng
    Recruiter said that those hiring are currently looking at the potentials and we should hear back by late December. There's been a delay because so many people applied