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Hey guys! Figured I'd start a new thread for the VA San Francisco new grad program that's coming up. Hopefully we can all share insight and information about the process as it goes along. Anyone else... Read More

  1. by   hbk77
    Quote from capnurse
    Has anyone received any word yet, bad or good? We're approaching the four week mark. The last VA Palo Alto New Grad program only took 3 weeks from the closing date to get back to folks. I'm assuming SF VA has less staffing. Hopefully we hear from them soon and with good news. Good luck everyone!
    I still haven't heard anything either. I'm wondering if I should call soon and see whats going on? Also, is there a way to check the status online? I didn't save the online req and it's not in my emails.
  2. by   hbk77
    I called today- I wasn't able to directly talk to the recruiter so I left her a message. Hopefully She calls me back!
  3. by   capnurse
    I called last week and haven't heard anything. I suspect they are quite busy and anticipate that there are many competitive applicants. The screening process is quite thorough as well so that might take up quite a bit of time. I haven't received a denial letter so I consider that to be, "No news is great news".

    If anyone reading this thread has received any news, acceptance letter or denial letter, please share.
  4. by   nurs1ng
    Has anyone heard back?
  5. by   lzdeshong
    Haven't heard a word back ...
  6. by   bbaileyRN
    Left a message for the recruiter earlier this week and never got a call back. Guess they're really busy! It's been 5 weeks since the posting closed and we still haven't heard a peep
  7. by   jayaych
    I received an e-mail from VA SF saying that they have forwarded selected apps for hiring consideration. Any word on anyone else's end?
  8. by   capnurse
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    Nov 14 by jayaych"I received an e-mail from VA SF saying that they have forwarded selected apps for hiring consideration. Any word on anyone else's end?"

    Yes, I did. However, I believe the qualified apps have been forwarded to the selecting official for consideration for interview, not hire. Did yours indicate "hiring consideration"? Either way, I'm so relieved to see the process moving forward! Congratulations on your email!
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  9. by   Talie15
    I received the same email today. It says for "consideration". I will be contacted if an interview is needed, and I will be notified when a final selection has been made.
  10. by   nurs1ng
    I, too, got an email that my app was forwarded for consideration
  11. by   SF_RN
    I received the same email. It says forwarded for "consideration." Good luck to all of us!
  12. by   krazievi3t6url
    I got the same email today!
  13. by   capnurse
    Anyone get called in for an interview yet?