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Hi all! I just applied to the VA's new graduate program in Palo Alto (The due date was January 26, 2012). I was hoping those that applied could keep in tabs and update others when news is received.... Read More

  1. by   bayareastudent0711
    Congratulations!! =) Good luck to you!

    Do you have any tips for us still trying to patiently wait?
    Such as:
    Do you think you had any thing outstanding on your resume/ cover letter/ education to have made you stand out?

    Just trying to get an idea of what they are looking for, and if i should stay by my phone or not.

    And also did your application status change on USAjobs or in the application manger?
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  2. by   septemberRN
    Note: The interview is at Menlo Park--so I'm not sure if they are having all the interviews there (probably not) or just interviews for those considered at that site...? Menlo Park was not my first or second choice for placement, however (not that I mind, I'm still ecstatic about the call) . My first choice was Palo Alto: Geriatrics. My second choice was Palo Alto: Mental Health

    I have an ABSN. My resume was very straightforward---no frills or neat borders or anything. In one question on the online application I talked about my philosophy regarding geriatric care. I think that might have done it, because my GPA is not that high<---but I also addressed that in my cover letter and and what I thought made up for it. I also have volunteer work in an ER as well as a behavioral health center, and have worked in a rehab center. I have my ACLS (and BLS of course), but that's all regarding certifications. I also really emphasized why the VA (particularly the Palo Alto) was important to me. I have no clinical or volunteer experience at the VA.

    As for my application status, it has not changed to my awareness.

    Hope that helps!
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  3. by   Bella2004
    Wow congrats septemberrn! It seems like they are doing things differently this time around.So do you know what to expect after the 1-1 interview?
  4. by   septemberRN
    I'm REALLY glad they didn't wait a month to start to contact folks. I have no idea what's after the 1-1 interview (I'll let you know how it goes). For the folks who haven't received calls yet, don't fret! They probably are making a lot more calls next week.

    @Bella2004--the people you know who got interviews, do you know where they are interviewing? I'm at Menlo Park, and I'm curious if that's because that's what I'm interviewing for, or if all interviews are happening there...
  5. by   Bella2004
    I'm not sure, the one I spoke to doesn't actually have a date set yet, just a voicemail.
  6. by   Bella2004
    Just wanted to say the individuals I know who got calls, interviewed in Palo Alto.
  7. by   septemberRN
    Thanks Bella2004!
  8. by   PCUNurseW
    Hi all!

    I was wondering if anyone knows the format of the interview? Is it one-on-one or panel? Are they asking behavioral questions or standard interview questions? Any info would be super helpful!
  9. by   starghadeer
    i just spoke with nursing recruitment and i was told that they will continue to make calls this week and next. if you do no receive a call by the end of next week, it means that you have been not selected.
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  10. by   starghadeer
    I just spoke with Nursing Recruitment and I was told that they will continue to make calls this week and next. If you do no receive a call by the end of next week, it means that you have been not selected.
  11. by   Bella2004
    any news??
  12. by   septemberRN
    Sorry I meant to write sooner but this week had been crazy. I had an interview this week at Menlo Park. There were three interviewers, all very nice. The confusing part was I thought I was being interviewed for a mental health unit, and instead it was long term care. The interviewers had a piece of paper that they read questions from; really basic stuff like why should we hire you over the other candidates (there were six total, they told me), have you had any leadership experience, what was your favorite rotation...they told me all the other candidates would get the exact same questions (I think we were all interviewed that day, which is why I feel comfortable sharing the questions). I do not know if they use the same format for the Palo Alto Hospital New Grad positions, though.

    Good luck to everyone!
  13. by   Bella2004
    Hey septemberRN...have you heard of anyone being contacted?? or any of your references being contacted? I hear the interviewing managers had to turn in a name by Friday.