UCLA vs CSULB's FNP program

  1. recently, good fortune granted me acceptance into two wonderful msn/fnp programs - ucla and csulb. however, this is a career change for me and i've already accumulated a mass of student debt. while ucla's reputation places it on top, is it work the price tag? i've been trying to weigh the options as best i can, but i'm lost. which school should i choose?

    pros: reputation, excellent facilities, shorter program (2 yrs), great networking and research opportunities
    cons: expensive ($46k)

    pros: cheaper ($19k)
    cons: 2.5 yr program, less name recognition

    i recently heard that ucla's program was shut down and reopened in the last few years and that it might not be well organized. i've also heard from women's health students from csulb that you have to find your own preceptors.

    can anyone who has attended or is enrolled (or knows someone who is) in either of these programs comment to their experience? are you glad you're there? what do you think the pros and cons of your program are? are your clinical placements found for you? if not, how much assistance are you given? how do you like the faculty, classes, other students, resources, etc? do you feel adequately supported? recommendations? any and all advice, comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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