Travel Assignment To Monterey

  1. I am new to travel nursing and was offered 29.00 an hour for a L&D assignment in Monterey. This sounds low to me but I am not really sure what the starting salary is in this area. Can anyone give me an idea what the normal starting salary for Northern California is. I only have a year of experience.

    Also if this seems too low can you recommend another good agency for Northern California. Are there any particulars that I should ask for in California?

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  3. by   norcalRNstudent
    If your assignment is at CHOMP, I believe they start a bit higher than that, more like $35 or $36/hour.
  4. by   MidwifeMom
    Yeah it would be at CHOMP if I accept.

    Thanks for your reply, I thought that sounded too low.