Student looking ahead: salaries/specialization

  1. I'll be finishing my 2 year RN program in June and am feeling compelled to make choices about my rotations, observations and especially precetporship based on where I think I might anticipate starting my first year as a nurse.

    Many hospitals now appear to offer new grad training in specialty areas (e.g. Cardiac ICU, ER, Perioperative, NICU, etc.) and am wondering if any of you California nurses can share your awareness of such opportunities. Are there other assured pathways to specialty areas aside from new grad training, or additional degrees? I'll be living either in the SF Bay Area or somewhere along the coast from Santa Cruz to San Diego.

    Also important: what specialty areas pay the most? And, if it matters: I'm a 45 yr old male who is inclined to work 3 12's.

    Hope to hear from you!!!!!!!!
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