Stanford New Grad RN Residency Fall 2016

  1. Hi guys! Just wanted to start a thread for all of us who applied in May(due date 5/23) for Stanford's program that starts in the Fall 2016. Curious if anyone has heard anything? My app has been in review for 3 plus weeks. Guess they love to torture us ;-) Also does anyone know how strict they are on that test by 7/19 date? Still haven't gotten my ATT date....

    Post any updates or changes!

    Good luck everyone!
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  3. by   NurseBobbie93
    I'm surprised no one has commented before me! I had a hell of a time getting my ATT but I received it last night and scheduled my test for Monday so I called ------------------this morning to tell her I had a test date and see if I was still being considered. I got an interview on July19th! I'm so excited and nervous.
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  4. by   BSNSM
    Awesome ! Yes I just got my ATT to and scheduled an interview. Super nervous but thrilled at the opportunity. Good luck to you! I'm the next day :-)
  5. by   NurseBobbie93
    I just thought that I would comment again on this so that applicants in the future can use my experience as a reference. It seems there used to be a panel interview then a second interview with the unit managers. Now, there is only a panel interview (4 interviewers and 3-4 interviewees) because they broadcast it to all of the unit managers and decisions are made from your answers to the four questions you are asked at that interview only. Each of the interviewers had a category of behavioral questions and each interviewee was asked one question from each category. There are only behavioral questions. I was told 600 applications were accepted for this program, 55 people were interviewed, and 28 candidates were given offers the Friday morning after interviews. I am so so excited to say that I am one of the 28 and I will be one of two new grads hired to my dream unit.
  6. by   BSNSM
    Hi! I am still anxiously awaiting a telephone call from them. Do you know if they are done with phone calls and I am out?? Congrats to you! It is a dream indeed!
  7. by   NurseBobbie93
    I didn't ask. I would not count yourself out unless you receive an email. At the interview --------------- said she would be making calls all day on Friday!
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  8. by   Sewells09
    Hi NurseBobbie93. I know this is a pretty old post but congrats on getting your dream unit. Now that it has been about a year from when you started the program, can you share with a prospective applicant how you liked it? Pros/Cons? I would really appreciate any information! Thank you!