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  1. Hi all!
    Anyone hear about St. Bernadine Medical Center in San Bernardino? I'm looking for travel assignments in inland empire and my recruiter said there's a possible need. Any info is good--how they treat travelers or agency, if they use computerized charting...or if anyone has any other info on hospitals out in that area--Kaiser fontana, Loma linda, arrowhead, etc. Thanks!:spin:
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  3. by   Sheri257
    Obviously it's not the same as working there and, of course, it always varies by unit but ... I've done clinical rotations at both St. Bernadine's and Arrowhead. Neither had computer charting but I hear that Arrowhead is or has converted to computer charting on some floors since I was there.

    Nurses were generally nice at both facilities but Arrowhead had some down right mean Filipino nurses on one Med Surg wing on the 4th floor. I don't mean to offend any Filipinos here because it wasn't like this at other facilities but on this particular floor at Arrowhead it was bad ... they wouldn't even bother to speak to you or even give report in English ... terrible. Other floors at Arrowhead were great ... you just have to avoid those Filipino cliques.

    Since Arrowhead is county there was no pressure with discharges like you see at other hospitals. It's also a very nice facility considering that it is a county hospital.

    Don't know about Kaiser Fontana personally and this is just rumor but one traveller told me that they can be very hostile to travelers. I'm don't know for sure but I guess overtime at Kaiser is double time in a lot of cases??? and that apparently accounts for a lot of resentment from staff since travelers take away their overtime. At least this is what one traveler thought.

    I also heard that you're expected to do more CNA work, blood draws, etc. yourself at Kaiser since they tend to pay better than other hospitals, and their patient ratios tend to be lower than what the law requires in some cases. A friend of mine who interviewed with Kaiser pretty much confirmed the same thing.

    St. Bernadine's is ok but, if I had to name my favorite hospital in the Inland Empire it would be San Antonio. Absolutely the best staff and quality care I've seen bar none. Staff is very friendly and tremendously helpful. They're the only ones I've seen who also have more extensive computer charting.

    While the system is very difficult to learn it is great once you do learn it. It was fantastic for things like ordering drugs from pharmacy. Everything you needed to know about the patient was right there on the computer printout.

    Again, I'm just a student ... soon to be new grad but, at least as a student you do get around to a lot of facilities.

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