1. Anyone trying to apply to Sonoma State for Fall '12? I visited the campus a while ago and totally fell in love! It really seems like my kinna school because it's so quiet and is located in the suburbs. I have never really heard much about the school and would like to know a little more from people that have been accepted there/are a current student/ graduated from there w/ their BSN.

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  3. by   JessicaJoy
    Yesss I will be! I'm currently a student at SSU trying to get into the nursing program. Great school and great program you would love it! Are you trying to get into the nursing program as well?
  4. by   Lame
    Yes, it's my first choice school. =) Do you know how many points it will take to get in?
  5. by   JessicaJoy
    Not sure about the points you may have to ask them about that. All I know is you need all the prerequisite classes, teas exam, CNA license, and I believe you have to write an essay or two as well. Long and stressful process, but it will pay off!