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Who is an SJSU pre-nursing applicant for spring 2013? We can all come together and wait for our letter! XD... Read More

  1. by   BigCatMeows
    So they prolly decided to get unaccept5 students? They told me they accepr 65', theyre recent reject/kill my hope letter said so.
  2. by   KrioH
    They said they accepted 65 or 60? I'm so sorry! But you know anything could happen this next month! And just apply next time
  3. by   BigCatMeows
    In nov wen i got a pending letter they said they accept 65 , they sent another rejection letter recently , saying tat they only accept 60. Therefore i am rejected , " we regret to inform you we are unable to offer tou admission this semester" blah asssholes .. Krioh, tnx for te hope! Yeah i will apoky Again for sure
  4. by   BigCatMeows
    hear anything yet>? from nursing???????
  5. by   BigCatMeows
    @xxfaith are you reapplying?
  6. by   BigCatMeows
    come on come on , someone say something im scared
  7. by   KrioH
    Did you re-apply? is that what you are scared about?
  8. by   xxFaith
    @BigCatMeows Yes I did reapply, but I am extremely nervous. I was apply to increase my impaction score but I feel like I will be at the cutoff again. I apply to USF but they denied me I also applied to CSUEB and SAC STATE. did you reapply?
  9. by   BigCatMeows
    Yes I reapplied, my impact ion score would be a 10.75 , I am scared if the same thing happened last semester, I also got rejected from USF
  10. by   BigCatMeows
    @Krioh Scared about being rejected again lol wish me luck!
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  11. by   BigCatMeows
    I haven't applied to east bay yet, is it too late to apply for the semester you applied to?
  12. by   chibisheryl
    Hey guys I just got my rejection letter :/ The preliminary cutoff was ~10.75.