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I already applied for Nursing at SJSU for Fall 2012 and I am just waiting for the acceptance/nonacceptance now. I am beyond stress and worried that I might now get in because I am competing with so... Read More

  1. by   azizjaan
    I was happy to see that SJSU lowered their requirements but with my GPA i still don't think its worth applying.

    I haven't calculated my recent 45 quarter units, I have a 2.88 in the Big 5 classes and taking the teas tomorrow.

    If my last 45 quarter units included my prereqs will they include them in the calculation of my recent 45 units?

    Also, Any last minute advice before I take my teas? What to eat for breakfast, last minute reviewing? I've been taking the practice tests out of McGraw Hills books and been getting an overall score of: 71.5, 71.5, 73.5, 69, and 81.6. My scores for every subject fluctuate every practice test . I'm really scared. If you have any last minute advice please give them before dooms day(tomorrow).
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  2. by   BigCatMeows
    I took at the same time as you haha, ru applying for spring?
  3. by   BigCatMeows
    Poor babe I hope ur okay