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I already applied for Nursing at SJSU for Fall 2012 and I am just waiting for the acceptance/nonacceptance now. I am beyond stress and worried that I might now get in because I am competing with so... Read More

  1. by   biglaughter
    Thank you 1waitingpatiently. I have until next week for people to drop, and see if I will be able to get in. I really want to get into the nursing program. Please continue to pray for me 1waitingpatiently.
  2. by   biglaughter
    I can't get nursing off my head for one second! Only 3 people drop so far, that means I am in the 9th position now, and still need 9 more people to drop before I can get in. This is so frustrating! UGH! I am going out of my mind.
  3. by   biglaughter
    Seashelleyes, have your heard from SDSU or Sac yet? If so, have you decided where you want to go yet? Please update me, I am dieing from the waiting...
  4. by   futurenurse408
    Biglaugther, Let me first say that you sound like an amazing, dedicated person, and I know you will go far in life. If you have the passion for it, I promise you you'll get into nursing school. I got accepted to SJSUs nursing program last semester and let me tell you boy was it competitive. I honestly didn't even think I was gonna get in. TO my suprise I did. But the most important thing I wanted to tell you is this: although all of the accepted people from last semester decided to go through with it, a few days before orientation (which was the week spring semester was scheduled to start) two girls dropped out. The nurs department still called 2 more people from their 'waitlist' to replace the two, even though we were literally about to start classes in like 3 days. These two girls joined us and literally had to do their background check, health statement very quickly. PS: What's your name?? I might know you haha
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  5. by   biglaughter
    I actually cried reading your post. Reading your post gives me hope; I still have a shot at this. It's just that I am so stressed... I am so bipolar right now, one moment I think it's alright, 9 more people will drop and I will get in, a few second later, "no one is going to drop, if it was me, I wouldn't so why would they?".... 9 is large number, I really don't think that many will drop since it is so hard to get into the nursing program, so why would they drop.., but I am still clinging on to the last bit of hope. This is like a second rejection if 9 people don't drop. I am going out of my mind. I am still depress out of my mind. I can't even concentrate on my finals, essays, midterm....If I didn't make it in this semester, I won't be able to make it in next semester because my impaction score will go down.
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  6. by   futurenurse408
    I'm so glad my post made you feel happy. I meant every word of it. ANYTHING is possible, and I guarantee you that there are several students who are waiting for acceptance letters from other school and thus must say they are attending SJSU for the mean time unil they decide. Some schools notify students in June & July and students who were accepted into SJSU must secure a spot just to be safe. That's why some students change their mind late summer, like in August a few weeks before they start school.
    You really seem like a great girl and I know you will go so far in your goals.
    And I'm sorry I can't answer your message, allnurses is not allowing me to send any private messages cus I have to have started like 15 threads or something...stupid rule. But if you have a facebook, can you send me your full name/link and I will add you and we can talk more on there.
  7. by   biglaughter
    I think I sent you two identical messages on accident, still getting used to how the thread works..
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  8. by   bluesubbie
    Hi everyone! I would like to know how long does it take for SJSU Admission Office to scan our transcripts into the system? Thank you
  9. by   xxFaith
    hey there! I attend SJSU and I am applying to the nursing program this fall for spring 2013, I was wondering if you anyone give some advice for preparing my application packet. Also any adice for the TEAS. I was wondering if the only option for the TEAS was version V? Are we allowed to any other versions? Thanks in advanced
  10. by   futurenurse408

    For the TEAS, my best advice is to purchase the book (from Amazon, Ebay, or ATI) and study it a couple of weeks before the test. Don't start studying too early as you will want the material to stay fresh in your head. I used the book about 2 weeks before my exam and I did very well. I did not use anything else to prepare for it. As of last year, you are only allowed to take version V and I don't even think they offer version 4 anymore. For me, I didn't have a choice and I took the exam summer 2011 (I took version V). The application packet is pretty self explanatory; whenever I had a question, I just went over to the nursing office and they helped me out. Make sure once you are finished to have it checked my someone in the office a few weeks in advance. Also, I know that they call you after you submit it if anything is missing. Order your official transcript now if you're not taking summer classes so that you have it well prepared. You can do it at the registrar's office over on 10th street by the bursar's office. Try filling out the app now so that you don't have to worry about it once the semester begins. You can't submit it until a month before the deadline, however. The office is open in the summer so they can answer questions if you want to call them or go to talk to them.
  11. by   futurenurse408
    You need to order official transcript, sealed. And you need to include that with your application. The nursing office keeps it.
  12. by   xxFaith

    Thanks for replying back & I appreciate your help! My TEAS test is in 2 weeks and I'm worried that I won't do so well. I have been studying since spring semester ended. I finished the TEAS V manual like in 2 weeks and now I'm reviewing the areas where I feel I need more improvement. What I'm most worried about is that there will be some questions on the test that the review book did not cover. Have you been accepted into SJSU's nursing program? if you did get accepted, do you think A's in Physio,Micro,Anatomy, Comm 20, all of my last 30 units, i think, might be all A's or probably 3/4 are all A's and B's in Engl1A/1B, Chem 30A/B, Stat 95 would be considered into the nursing program? My grades may look really good to others, but for nursing I feel like its not enough. Sorry for all the questions, most of the friends I made in my pre-req class all dropped nursing and throughout college I was guiding myself through nursing.
  13. by   futurenurse408
    Please don't be nervous for the test. I was so nervous and scared, and when it was over, I was like "That's it? It wasn't hard at all." And I had listened when my friends who took it told me not to be nervous. I was really scared for the science portion, and I ended up getting the highest score in that section. CRAZY. The math, english, and reading are cake. I think there was a question like "700 - 11" on the exam. I thought it was a trick question because I wasn't expecting something as easy as subtraction to be covered. The only thing I'd advise you is to keep an eye on the clock during the reading portion. What I did was I read the questions first, then went back and read the story portion after. That way, you don't have to read the whole thing, just enough to answer your question. And the questions are really easy, just a bit time-consuming. DONT BE NERVOUS, I PROMISE IT IS SO MUCH EASIER THAN YOU THINK. And yes, I am already in the program. I just finished my first semester and it was really awesome! I believe I had a 4.0 for the last 30 units and something like a 3.8 for Physio, Micro, Anatomy, Stats, Engl. And remember that they go by impaction score, which is the GPA of the last 30 units + GPA of the Big 5 classes + TEAS score/23. Since grades count for 2/3 of the scoring, you are going to be golden. Trust me, TEAS is the easier part of the process, especially if you took physio at SJSU.
    And you can ask me all the questions you want, I would love to help you! I know how stressful it is, and I want to make it as breezy for you as possible.