San Joaquin Delta College Fall 2013 - page 13

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  1. by   missxgabby
    And I know how you all feel. I didn't get my notification till around 5 PM the last time I applied (Spring 2013). And they only delayed it ONCE that period! They should let us know the day ahead or something if they're not ready, or send it out first thing in the morning through mass email. We're all waiting!
  2. by   missxgabby
    Good luck to everyone today! I hope they don't delay it again. Congrats to everyone who gets accepted.
  3. by   soupdz28
    ugghh that makes me feel like the best I can hope for is alternate :\
  4. by   ShyeoftheTiger
    Haha I am just waiting for them to postpone until Friday or something...
  5. by   Ashley_studentRN
    Hmmm. So do you guys think we will even get notifications today? Anyone want to place bets?? Lol. Waiting waiting waiting.
  6. by   soupdz28
    Ahahahaha no no, I will make no bets today, but I am taking this fairly lightly lol.
  7. by   ShyeoftheTiger
    I'm alternate 10
  8. by   soupdz28
    Well guys I am alternate #11..... so I doubt I'll be seeing any of you, but congratulations everyone who got in!
  9. by   RN-n-Progress
    I'm an Alternate again! Ugh
    Well good luck everyone! Did anyone get in? You guys had great scores?! WTH!
  10. by   soupdz28
    I need to retake my TEAS and get above a 90 so my score will be 80 pts or above.. well MJC starts their process next week and will be my third attempt there.
  11. by   Ashley_studentRN
    I'm in!!!
  12. by   dlr13
    I'm in as well! Congrats Ashley
  13. by   Ashley_studentRN
    congrats to you too dlr13! we should connect via facebook or something

    @ shye, you had better scores than me, what happened! you may still get in, im dissappointed

    congrats to all those who got in this round, can't wait to start